A Christian book series kids love!

Three siblings travel back in time and adventure through the Bible -- with Jesus as their guide!Easy to read, full of colorful pictures, action and adventure, these Bible-based chapter books teach biblical lessons for children ages 5-10.

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About The Books

✨ Meet Vince, Eleanor, and Viviana! ✨Three regular kids that recently moved to a new town. One day while Vince is feeling sad and missing his friends, Jesus shows up!Jesus invites Vince (and his sisters) to be a part of a Special Operations Team for the kingdom of heaven.In each book, the children are whooshed up with Jesus (like Elijah in 2 Kings). They are set back down in a different time and place, where they adventure through a Bible story with Jesus as their guide.We know kids love pictures! The books are filled with color photos. We believe this is a powerful tool for bringing the stories to life and helping your child envision their walk with Jesus.Colorful power verse cards (Bible verses) are used repetitively in each book. By repeating the Bible verse multiple ways and in different scenarios, we hope that it will help your child remember and even memorize it.We care deeply about the stories being biblically sound. The Bible stories that inspired the adventure are listed in the back of the book for easy reference. Much of the book is fictional, with biblical values woven in. We want you and your child to know what parts are inspired by Bible passages.A chapter subheading tells the reader that there will be parts of a Bible story in the chapter. An asterisk in the chapter signals that this part is not fiction! Asterisks identify what part of the adventure is from the Bible.Throughout the adventure, endnotes are also used to support biblical principles.In these adventures, siblings work together, Jesus teaches in strength and love, and children engage in Bible stories and principles.

About The Author

These books were born from my desire to teach my own children Bible stories and verses.Although we have many wonderful children’s Bibles, my kids enjoyed the action and adventure books more. This was frustrating for me, because there is so much action and adventure in the Bible!As I searched for wholesome and biblical books to read my children I did not find enough of what I was looking for.The Lord spoke to my, heart “Maybe you should write the books you are looking for.”I quickly answered, “No, I am not a writer. There must be wonderful books available. I will find some.”I asked all my friends and family. I received a handful of suggestions. But not enough to sustain us for very long.Again I heard the Lord suggest, “Maybe you should write them.” This time my heart was open to the prompting.I do not consider myself to be a writer. This is a task that I am relying fully on the Lord to direct. My constant prayer to the Lord is, “These are Your stories. My kids are Your kids. How do You want these stories to go. Please direct my thoughts and form these stories.”I have tried to make everything in these books extremely accurate. When Jesus speaks, I try to use words we know He said, or reference Bible verses, as I believe they are God-breathed. But of course, there are times when I have to ad lib.I pray these books will be a tool to start conversations. I have also prayed that these books help you and your child to think about who Jesus is and how He acts towards you. I hope the conflicts in these stories help you talk about how to act with family members and friends in everyday life situations.Above all, I pray that the children who read these books grow in their own relationship with the Lord.I pray they understand how much He loves them. I pray they will learn and remember Bible verses and Bible stories through these books.Lastly, I pray that growing in the Lord will guide them on their journey and impact them for the rest of their lives.May the Lord richly bless you and your family as you spend time in these stories and ultimately in your own Bibles.Love and Blessings,
F. H. Love


Your child can be a Special Operative too with our free printables.Included with each book:
👉 Parent & Child Discussion
👉 Power Verse Cards
👉 Training Manual Pages
👉 Badges
👉 Word Finds
👉 Mazes
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A Favor

My goal is to use these books to reach 1 million children with the message of God's love. ❤️I can't do it on my own.🔥 With your help we can achieve this goal.Here's the simple favor I ask of you. 👇📣 Tell people about the books.If it's on your heart, for each book you read, please post an honest review on social media -- Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.💡This has been a very simple and effective way of introducing other families to the books.Thank you, and God Bless you,F.H. Love